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  • The Alembic, 2020-2022: CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR: Michele's story "Smile" was published in the literary journal of Providence College, Rhode Island.

  • Boutique Homes & Cool Cities Media, CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR, Dec 2017: Contributed to the introduction to "Unplugged In Nature", a chapter on architecturally outstanding homes located in rural environments, for Boutique Homes, a design and architecture coffee table book.

  • National Arts Council Singapore, ARTS CREATION FUND RECIPIENT, Sep 2009 – Sep 2010: Received merit-based funding from the National Arts Council Singapore to produce a collection of 11 works of short fiction.

  • Monsoon Books, Singapore, CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR, Sep 2010: Wrote “Shoebox” and “Another Man’s Crime”, two short fiction stories that were published in Love and Lust in Singapore, an anthology of short stories by Singaporean and Singapore-based writers.

  • Chipmunka Publishing, London, AUTHOR, EDITOR, Mar 2005 - Aug 2007: Wrote Rotten Jellybeans – a 200-page book of semi-autobiographical short stories and poems. Available in e-book and paperback. Available for purchase at Target,com,, Tesco, Blackwell, Barnes & Noble, Borders and other bookstores in the UK and USA. Edited Behind A Glass Wall – a memoir written by Dorothy Schwartz.

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