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Pleased to meet you!


I'm Michele, a freelance writer living in Hong Kong.


I was born in Singapore, where at 11 years old, I began working as a TV show host, writing scripts and V.O.s, and interviewing celebrities such as Pete Sampras and Debbie Gibson. At 17, I had my first feature story published in an interior design magazine.

I have since written about a wide range of subjects – a nuclear leak in Sizewell, Suffolk, Cambodian youth gangs in Lowell, Massachusetts, the rise of African architecture, an interview with an SNL comedian, farm to table dining, modern jazz, cargo handling equipment, access control systems, a keelboat regatta, parkour, diabetes, dyslexia, meditation, and modernist cabins – to name a few.

I have the most experience in design and architecture, food, travel, and copywriting for lifestyle brands.


I graduated with first class honours in journalism from London College of Communication, where I was also editor-in-chief for the College's weekly newspaper. During my time in London, I helped establish the Singapore Creative Network UK (SCNUK), and had a collection of stories and poems published by a London publishing house. My stories have appeared in various fiction anthologies in Asia and the U.S. and in a 2018 short fiction collection titled "Without: stories of lack and longing".


I was an editor for two city guides in Singapore before I relocated to Boston, where I transitioned to freelancing. After Boston, I moved to Hong Kong, then to Portland, Oregon, where I now live. 

10 Ways I'll Add Value to Your Project

Having worked as an editor, and with creative agency teams, I understand the 10 things that are important to editors and content producers, and do my best to address them:

  1. FRESH & RELEVANT IDEAS: I am always ready to pitch new, interesting and timely ideas.

  2. ACCURACY: I deliver clean, up to date, fact-checked copy on time.

  3. ASSIMILATION: I speak in the language of your publication or brand.

  4. ENTERTAINMENT: Depending on the tone of your publication or brand, I write to entertain and/or educate. I can turn "who cares?" into "tell me more".

  5. GOOD INTERNAL COMMUNICATION: I ask the right questions when taking briefs or pitching, so I can best meet your needs with accurate and promptly delivered content.

  6. GOOD EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION: I communicate effectively with clients, sources and stakeholders, and am able to troubleshoot when required.

  7. ATTENTIVENESS & INITIATIVE: I take instructions well, use initiative, and improvise when needed.

  8. VISUAL HARMONY: For journalistic features, I can secure images that complement the text, and ensure I get photos in the appropriate size and format whenever possible.

  9. PROMPTNESS & DEPENDABILITY: I will always respond to you within 48 hours or less. 

  10. BIG PICTURE THINKING, DETAIL-FOCUSED RESULTS: I familiarise myself with your brand values and the context of the project. This allows me to see the big picture, and approach stories and campaigns from an integrated perspective.

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