Writer, Reporter, Storyteller

Concise, confident and captivating copy, delivered clean and on time. 

Having lived in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the UK and USA, Michele can bring an international perspective to any assignment. With 20 years of professional writing and editing under her belt, she attunes herself to a publication's style and tone easily; always crafting stories with unique insight, drama and authority. She has written for publications in Asia, Australia, North America, the Middle East, Africa and England. Her beats include design, architecture, education, career, health and wellness, travel, dining, fashion, art and entertainment, business and personality profiles. 

Michele is also a published fiction writer and a versatile copywriter who has much experience developing and pitching products and ideas. With her eye on the latest developments across continents, she knows how to get to the stories you want. No matter how complex or tedious the subject matter, Michele will convey your message to just the type of reader you seek, in a simple, comprehensive and engaging way. Her cultural savvy combined with astute fact-checking, research and sub-editing skills add much value to her work.